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Agnes Kolbeck (née Robin Mahung)

Featured Roycemore Alum

Agnes Kolbeck (née Robin Mahung) is currently living in Lexington, Kentucky, and is Program Director for the Lexington chapter of Youth Advocate Programs – a non-profit agency that works with high risk youth and families around the U.S. and abroad. After leaving Roycemore, she attended Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois, and studied Developmental Psychology, Child Development, and Social Work. Immediately upon graduation, she began her Masters program in Children’s Law and Policy at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, completing her thesis on Restorative Justice in 2014. Outside of her work at Youth Advocate Programs, Agnes consults on restorative justice initiatives in both Kentucky and Illinois.

“Thinking back on my time at Roycemore, I most value how my teachers were collaborators in my education. They didn’t tell me what to do or how to do it – they sought out my strengths and used them to help me excel. My experience in expecting and advocating for teamwork from those in leadership roles has served me far beyond my years at Roycemore and presented me with opportunities that my peers have missed out on – both academically and professionally. I think more impersonal school settings can sometimes discourage students from asking ‘why’ and digging deeper in ways that Roycemore definitely encouraged me to do. Every day, I came to school knowing my teachers wanted to hear MY voice and cared about my experience. To this day, I use this model on how to inspire my staff and the youth we serve to participate in and take ownership of their work.”