Celebrating Community and Skill

The Athletic Department at Roycemore helps the school celebrate individuality and inspires excellence by:

  • Emphasizing student participation in athletic programs over competing at the highest level possible
  • Seeking to bring out the best qualities in each child as a person of character and an athlete, regardless of skill level while being challenging
  • Encouraging a focus on individual growth, rather than on a win-at-all-costs attitude
  • Establishing sportsmanship, character development, a positive attitude, and teamwork as the top priorities for all Roycemore athletes
  • Modeling goal-setting and planning as important life skills beyond the court or field
  • Promoting the benefits of a strong work ethic and sound preparation and practice habits
  • Providing opportunities for more advanced competition for students with advanced skills
  • Instilling in all students a life-long appreciation of the benefits of exercise and the important role physical activity plays in determining the quality of life

How To Participate?

Roycemore offers the following interscholastic teams:

  • Soccer – coed, both Middle & Upper Schools
  • Volleyball – girls, Middle & Upper Schools; boys, Upper School only
  • Cross Country – coed, Lower, Middle & Upper Schools
  • Basketball – boys & girls teams, Middle & Upper Schools

Any Roycemore student in Grades 5 through 12 can participate in interscholastic athletics regardless of skill level. Participation is given a higher priority than competing to win at all grade levels, but competing to win does take on increased focus as the participants become older.

Upcoming Events

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