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I believe in my ability to make any situation thrown at me my own, and to put a positive and hopeful spin on it.

The thought of attending Loyola University of Chicago’s Honor’s College this fall brings some excitement combined with a lot of uncertainty. In all honesty, Loyola is not where I planned to end up, or where I particularly wanted to. I am excited to be living in the city, a train ride away from downtown, and...
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Eisner Scholar Caroline Johnson ’08 is on a lifelong adventure!

My Roycemore story began in 2004, when I entered the Upper School as a freshman after having skipped 8th grade in the Lake Forest public school system. To this day, I remember both my parents and I worrying about whether a school would be comfortable accepting a student who had made the decision to expedite...
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Roots & Family

I have always had an appreciation for the outdoors. My Dad used to take my brother and me camping and hiking when we were kids. He grew up on a farm in southeastern Ohio and spent a lot of time outdoors. Even though I grew up in the city, he wanted me to experience some...
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